It’s almost time for the Spring season to start. The problem is all that white stuff on the fields. I wanted to update everyone on things.

Both myself and the coaches are getting emails wondering when they will hear something about the start of the season and when practices will be starting. The thing is, the games have not yet been finalized and the snow needs to go away and fields need to dry out before we can start.

Most of the games are scheduled to begin the weekend of April 20 so there is quite some time yet before they start. Typically we get about 2-3 weeks of practices in before the games begin.

Please check our Facebook page or here for information about the season. If you have any questions about the season, feel free to contact us via our contact page.

Right now the draft schedules are up on the MAYSA site. Here are the links to the schedules:

–Girls Teams–

u9g –

u10g –

u12g –

u14g –


u9b –

u9b –

u13b –

u16b –

u18b –